Gomer’s is the Best Wine Shop in KC 2022

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Kansas City’s The Pitch Magazine Names Gomer’s Best Wine Shop in 2022

The Pitch Greetings from the Heartland Best of KC 2022 winner

Your neighborhood’s favorite fine wine store is the winner of Best of KC 2022 for the Best Wine Shop in Kansas City.

In The Pitch Magazine’s annual Best of KC awards, the people of Kansas City have spoken. The people chose Gomer’s as Kansas City’s for our best selection of fine wines, spirits, cold beers and more we carry in store.

Now that’s something we can cheer to!

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Thank you Kansas City!

We thank the people of Kansas City for calling us the best in town. We aim to be the best store in town because of our wide selection of fine wines (more than 200), knowledgeable staff, and quick service to meet your needs.

Our staff has more than 100 years of combined experience in the alcohol industry. When it comes to learning about and selling fine wines from all over, trust in our team.

Gomer’s has the Widest Selection of Fine Wine in Kansas City

Visit Gomer’s at 75th Street and State Line Road to find your next favorite fine wine. We have white wines, red wines, sparkling wines, and several great tasting wines from around the world.

When you have a wedding or party coming up and need fine wines, call our store. We can help you plan your party and make sure you get stocked up with the greatest tasting wines.

Contact Gomer’s Fine Wine & Spirits to request fine wine.

About The Pitch Magazine’s Best of KC 2022 Awards

Each year Kansas City’s favorite independent magazine, The Pitch, hosts the Best of KC 2022 awards. Kansas City residents get to participate by nominating their favorite shops, restaurants, best food and drink, arts and entertainment, and several other categories.

For local news, culture, events, and more, visit thepitchkc.com.