Happy Hour with the OG (Original Gomer)

Gomer's owners at Gomer's 103rd Street Kansas City

Last Week’s Happy Hour with Ed “Gomer” Moody at Gomer’s Fine Wine & Spirits

Gomer’s Fine Wine & Spirits has been a staple of Kansas City for years, and it all started with Founder Ed “Gomer” Moody.

Last week, Gomer’s store owners invited the founder to a happy hour at Gomer’s on 103rd Street in Kansas City. There they rekindled old stories, talked shop, and relished in the legacy Ed Gomer started.

The original Gomer said he was impressed with how the franchises have grown, and commented on the cleanliness and wide selection of the Gomer’s store right off of 103rd Street and State Line Road.

Experience Ed “Gomer” Moody’s legacy of quality selection and great customer service at Gomer’s Fine Wine & Spirits at 75th Street and State Line Road seven days of the week!