Monthly Specials

Monthly Wine Specials at Gomer’s

This November, Gomer’s Fine Wine & Spirits is offering amazing specials on your favorites and on your soon-to-be new favorite fine wines. Our team has hand selected red, white, and sparkling wines that are sure to delight any dinner guest.

We are thrilled to bring you a delicious rosé called Borsao from northeastern Spain that is a must to try! Its salmon hue is invigorated by notes of berries and white flower. This wine is vibrant in color and in taste. Borsao hails from the Sierra de Moncayo mountain range and the Ebro River valley, which has produced wine since the late 12th century.

For your next celebration, we welcome you to pick up a bottle (or a case) of Roederer Estate Brut champagne. Your tastebuds will surely be dancing like the bubbles in a glass of Roederer Estate.

We are also offering a special deal on not one, but two cabernet sauvignon wines — Josh Wines and Cs. Both are full bodied and pair well at the dinner table. Pick up a bottle of any of our wine specials for a friend’s birthday, or to add to your wine rack at home!

Monthly Beer Specials at Gomer’s

We know it’s hard to choose which beer to pull from our coolers because we have so many great beers to choose from. That’s why we’ve put together this list of monthly beer specials available at Gomer’s 75th Street and State Line Road! These hand-picked specials contain local and international favorites, including Boulevard Bob’s 47 Oktoberfest, all brews of KC Bier Co., High Noon ready to drink cocktails, and Guinness stout.

Gomer’s Fine Wine & Spirits has a wide variety of cold beers stocked in our coolers and each month we’re helping you save a little on your favorite products. Visit us today to see all of our monthly beer specials!

Monthly Spirits Specials at Gomer’s

Gomer’s Fine Wine & Spirits is known for carrying popular spirits everyone enjoys like bourbon, vodka, tequila, gin, scotch, whiskey, and more. We’ve curated a selection of this month’s specials on your favorite light and dark spirits.

For the bourbon chasers we’re running a special on Willet bourbon. Our team also recommends Whistle Pig Piggy Back, a 100 proof bourbon whiskey. Scotch enthusiasts should pick up a bottle of Oban 14-year scotch before our selection runs out.

For our lighter selection of spirits, we’ve got specials on gin, vodka, and tequila. For the gin and tonic connoisseurs we’ve chosen Tom’s Town Botanical Gin as our top gin special this month. Enjoy Kansas City’s favorite J Rieger’s vodka in your next cocktail. Bring the whole family together to try Una Familia Blanco Tequila (for those 21 years of age and older, please drink responsibly).

Find your favorite specials at Gomer’s fine Wine & Spirits at 75th Street and State Line Road!